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Here's How To Easily Double Your Affiliate Income
Without Doing Any Extra Work...
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How Anyone Can Quickly Go From $500-1,000
Per day To $1,000-$2,000 Per Day (Or more)
This Is The Exact Formula You Need To Scale Your 7 Figure Affiliate Business 
Read on to discover...

How you can easily double your income without doing any extra work.
You need to complete in order to make the most money from the 7 Figure Affiliate System…
This is only for those who aren’t happy making $500 to $1,000 per day as super affiliates —and want to make 
even more
…I’m talking $1,000 - $2,000 per day... or more 
You see, in the 7 Figure Affiliate System - we gave you all of the knowledge…

...We showed you the path to getting big commissions day in day out

...And building a business that not only works for you but that works for your lifestyle

...We showed you how everything works…

...what you need to do and how you need to do it…

...Then on the previous page - we gave you a shot at skipping all of that work and getting everything done for you with the 10 done for you automatic affiliate money makers…

...Where all you have to do is copy, paste and fill in the blanks to start generating 7 figure affiliate commissions…
...And Now We’re Going To Remove The Final Step You
Need When It Comes To Scaling Your Affiliate Busines 
To 7 Figures And Beyond...
You see…

Once you implement the 7 figure affiliate model you’re going to start seeing just how powerful an affiliate business really can be.

You’re going to quickly start making $500-1,000 a day.

And when that happens you’re going to have an epiphany where you’ll realize something...
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You're Going To Want to Double or Triple it — Fast...
And in order to do that...

...You're going to need to double your traffic...

Because you see...this is a very simple businessall it is Traffic + Leads = Commissions...

...More commissions mean more money.

That in a nutshell is the entire game we play boiled down to its most simple equation.
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Once you start seeing all of the money that you’re making you’re going to want to get as many leads as you can handle so that you can grow faster...
And you're going to start thinking...

If i can just 2x-5x to 5x my leads, I can 2x-5x my income without any extra work... 

And that's when you'll realize that the only thing stopping your income growth is having access to more people who are already giving you commissions.

That's it...

Then the question do I let more people know about my 7-figure affiliate business?

How do I get the word out so that I can scale up and bring in even more sales customers and commissions.

...And what we teach you with the 7-figure affiliate system is to use nothing but free traffic...

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And most other peoples only way of making your traffic scale is getting you to spend your hard earned money and profits on traffic ...
Where You Have All Of The Risk Of Losing Your Money...

All of the time energy and effort figuring it out..

And all of the risk that it doesn't make you more money but actually loses you money and time in the process.

But we have a diferent way to get that very same growth that you need in order to double tripple or quadrouple your business WITHOUT any paid traffic because...
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...The Fastest Way To Scale Your 7 Figure Leads & Sales Is To Tap Into A Hidden Stream Of Consistent Free Buyer Traffic
That Only We Know About…
Where you create something once and then free hyper-targeted leads and sales come back almost instantly.

Sounds easy when you say it but the reality is very different…

Because when it comes to generating free traffic the way we do it you save time & make money with what you know and you lose time & money with what you don’t know

...and if you’ve ever tried to get free traffic, and you wasted your time or lost money on paid traffic or setting up a blog or creating a youtube channel - then chances are you don’t know more than you know…

...And you’re not the only one…

Generating traffic to make commissions is one thing…

...But being able to generate a consistent stream of high volumes of profitable traffic without ads is a whole other thing…

...If you’re anything like me…

..I don’t like to gamble when it comes to my business & would rather have a proven strategy that generates fast trafic results without figuring it all out on my own…
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So We Decided To Do Something And Turn
The Odds In Your Favor…
...and the only way we knew to do this was to (once again) give you the same proven traffic generating system I use…

… The same traffic source I use to bring in more leads and sales to our businesses and...
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Ultimately That Turns New Affiliate Businesses From Generating $500-1,000 A Day To $2,000+ Per Day
(Or More) In Revenue…
But the problem most new affiliates have is that they have no idea where to get started when it comes to creating consistent & profitable streams of free buyer traffic to grow their 7 figure affiliate business.

In fact most of our customers who tried traffic before working with us lost money with little to nothing to show for it 

Because they didn’t have a proven and repeatable process they needed in order to get the results they wanted.
And It’s Not Your Fault!
To Really Master Generating High Volumes Of Traffic On Your Own Without Investing $3,000-$5,000+ On Training Or Testing Is Close To Impossible
And The Alternative is Wasting Years Of Your Life Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own…

Ask anyone who runs ads or is a master at generating free traffic and they’ll tell you the exact same thing.

Learning how to run profitable traffic can be an expensive process if you go it alone.

Learning how to build a high traffic blog can be an expensive and more importantly time consuming process if you go it alone.

Wasting your time on Youtube, instagram, tiktok or any number of these other free social channels if you’re one of the lucky ones who is great on camera can take years to get right! (We don’t do any of these things by the way)

Here’s the truth

When you’re on your own … You’re having to guess not follow a proven roadmap

When you’re on your own… you’re spending your own time & money to “experiment” and find out what works.

You’re spending your time alone figuring it out on your own and getting patchy results

When you’re on your own… you’re the one taking all of the risks, figuring out exactly what works and what doesn’t not somebody else

And the problem, as you can see, is that it's very time consuming, difficult & extremely expensive to do that
But What if I Could Save You From Going It Alone And Short Cut Your Success With Free Traffic? And Save You Years of Your Life To Guess Work And $3,000-$5,000
g & Testing
And let me be clear where that $3,000-$5,000+ experimenting comes from.

You invest that money into learning what works and what doesn’t and you only get any of it back if...(And this is a big if)... you figure it out on your own.

This is especially true if you pay for traffic but also if you invest your time into something that doesn’t make you money vs something that could make you money you are in effect losing the exact same amount of money from being earned somewhere else.

You just don’t see it on your bank account so you don’t realize it.
So there is always a cost to trying to figure it out on your own because doing that means that you’re going to risk investing your time.
-You’re going to spend something one way or the other - time Or money it’s just that simple...

And let's be honest who has time or money to waste on figuring out what really works in the affiliate game?

Who has time to waste sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, piecing together bits of strategies piece by piece one at a time?

The answer is nobody who really cares about their success and their future is willing to waste their most precious asset....

Their time.

There's a saying we have here in the uk. "Talk is cheap"

Everyone can say something but not everyone can do it.

But do you know what nobody says and is way more important. “Time is Finite“

We only get so much of it and once it’s gone it’s gone we can never get it back.

There’s no bank we can go to to borrow our time back from.

Nobody can lease us some more time or give us a payment plan on getting more time.

We have only got a limited amount and so when it comes to you, your success and your business you have to be aware of this simple fact more so than anything.
Your time is your most valuable asset and anyone who says any differently is lying to you
And the reason I’m highlighting this to you is because your time is, in essence your money. 

And I am here to show you how to leverage your time and get more money without having to figure it all out on your own.

When you figure it out on your own you Invest That Money Into Learning What Works And What Doesn’t.

And You Only Get Any Of It Back If (And This Is A Big If) You Figure It Out On Your Own…
And So Let Me Save You Your Time, Shortcut Your Success And Give You Exactly What Works To Generate Free Traffic At Scale In Any Niche You Can Think Of 
Without Having To Invest A Penny On Expensive And Unpredictable Paid Traffic.

And the only reason I’m saying this is because it’s true. The reason I know this, is because that’s exactly what I had to invest to figure this all out.

And I don’t want that for you.

I want to shortcut your success and put you on the free traffic fasttrack

So that you don’t have to deal with all of the wasted money, time, energy, frustration and effort figuring it all out.

Your time is very valuable!

So I thought about this.

And thought some more.

And I started to day dream.
And I Said I Wish I Had A Way To Just Flat Out Clone My Own 7 Figure Affiliate Traffic System And Give It To You - Have Everything Done For You - Ready To Go…
If I could do that...

I would let all of my customers use it.

Then I thought.

That’s ridiculous, that’s impossible...
Or Is it?...Because The Truth Is…
We’re living in a special time - where we run our businesses virtually, on computers, stored in various data centers around the world - where you can copy and paste information at a click of a mouse…

So what if instead of “giving you” my Ultimate Traffic Machine...

I just let you copy everything...
What If I Gave You - All of Our In House Training, Traffic Templates & Frameworks… Everything We Use To Generate High Volumes Of Free Traffic Leads & Sales For Our 7 Figure Affiliate Businesses?
Nothing held back!

I’m talking about going all out and giving you EVERYTHING you need to go from zero traffic today to high volumes of scalable free traffic in a matter of just a few hours ...

So think about this - I’m going to hand you Our Trainings, Templates, Frameworks and everything else.
  • For example, the exact process that anyone can use to generate free sales, customers & commissions with just a few minutes of basic research (Seriously... almost all the affiliates we work with are missing out on these easy consistent sales) - all by using a 2 step research process that anyone can use.
  • ​​Access to the exact software's that we use to instantly increase buyer traffic (Super simple to use and requires about 3 minutes to set up) ...
That’s not a hypothetical question here, because that’s exactly what I did.
I Created The Ultimate Traffic Machine That Gets Traffic For You On Autopilot...
It contains everything in my very own 7 figure affiliate business from zero traffic to an affiliate traffic machine.
The Ultimate Traffic Machine Is Our Bulletproof Traffic Blueprint On How To Drive High Volumes Of
100% Free Traffic To Any 7 Figure Affiliate Business.
Let me show you now how this traffic is better than anything else you’ve ever seen.

I'll show you why it works and anyone can set it up and how we generate high volumes of free traffic at scale using it.

Here’s what’s included…

You're Getting 
The Fast Traffic Formula 
Value ($297)

This is going to break down exactly what you need to do to get traffic fast.

We’re going to give you our fast traffic formula so you can start bringing in new leads, buyers and sales as quickly as possible with this training.

This is designed to get you up and running quickly with only what works by removing all the noise, fluff and mess that you don’t want to deal with.

Understanding how to do this the right way from the start will make your affiliate traffic machine growth much simpler and more stable...

So you don't waste any time figuring out what you need to do to scale your traffic

And the best part:
  • You’re NOT going to be setting up a website
  • ​We’re NOT showing you how to create a blog
  • ​You’re NOT going to be setting up a website
  • ​There’s ZERO YouTube account
  • ​There's Zero TikTok Channels
Or any of this other stuff that requires a ton of your time or for you to get on camera (which most people don’t want to have to do just to grow their business).

The fast traffic formula is designed to work without needing to do any of that stuff.

We remove all of the headaches of traditional free traffic generation and let you simply tap into the seas of free buyer traffic available all across the internet for every niche imaginable.

This fast traffic formula is designed to work for even the most new affiliate marketers.

Next Up ...

You're Getting 
Automatic Authority 
 Value ($297)

The fastest way to get more traffic is to become a trusted authority in your space.

This automatic authority training shows you exactly how we do this without having to open a YouTube account, start a blog, create a website, a brand or post on social media all day.

We’ve discovered exactly how to position you and your business as an authority that people want to do business with without all of the traditional time, energy, effort and investment most people have to go through building a brand on social media.

And the best part?

You will never get faster sales and traffic than from using this automatic authority framework.

Anyone can do this even if you’re not already an expert in your niche (we show you how you can become one).

There’s a almost infinite supply of traffic available for any niche you can imagine so there’s almost no worry about being able to find traffic for your businesses that you can become the authority for...

Next up ...

Rapid Traffic Activation - How To Quickly Install Your Ultimate Traffic Machine…
Value ($197) 

This is our highly templated framework to instantly deploy your ultimate traffic machine for your business ...

So you can get The Ultimate Traffic Machine up and running quickly ...

The previous two modules get the ball rolling on the entire bulletproof Traffic blueprint but the module lets you take what we have applied and deploy it faster.

There is no use having all of these traffic sources to tap into for your business that can generate buyers, if you do not know how to deploy them to generate the right buyer traffic quickly!

And the best part ...

Installing your Ultimate Traffic Machine the way we teach you in this module makes you start pulling in more traffic faster the more you do it.

When you do this the first time traffic comes in but when you do it over and over again the traffic compounds and builds on top of itself like a snowball rolling down a hill.

You get a self feeding loop of traffic being built on top of itself the more that you implement the rapid traffic framework we’re showing you right here on this very module .

Next up ...

You're Getting 
The Money Matrix Method 
Value ($297)

The exact methods and frameworks we use to get inside the minds of our ideal customers and know exactly what they want to buy.

The money matrix method is how we identify what the best products are to promote, and how we drive the right traffic to them, at the right time.

No fluff just simple done for you templates that work...

Nothing more.

These are a powerful resource. 

We'll show you how to use these templates. Just fill in the blanks, follow the steps & you’re all set.
Next Up...

You're Getting
Scalable Traffic Secrets 
Value ($497)

Now that you have the Ultimate Traffic Machine set up you’re in a position to scale.

The feedback loops that we create help us identify hidden money traffic sources simply from the initial waves of traffic we created and so knowing how to use this information to spot new traffic opportunities is the secret to doubling or even tripling your monthly traffic without much extra work at all.

All you have to do is follow along the steps we show you to find these new free traffic opportunities and capitalize on them the way that we show you in our training. 

This section really ties together all of the work from the previous training implementations and is the secret to scaling up your 7 figure affiliate business. 
Next Up...

You're Getting
Consistent Customer Conversions Value ($297)

Now that you’re getting all this free traffic, the next step is to make sure that it converts.
In this training what we’ll show you how to do is preload conversion psychology into the Ultimate Traffic Machine.

So that when customers interact with your business they are not just traffic but buyer traffic that is ready to convert into paying customers.

If we get the same amount of traffic to your site but simply make 20-30% more of those clicks into customers that is the fastest way to grow your business without doing any real extra work.

Same amount of traffic with more customers and commissions.

That’s what we’ll show you exactly how to do in the consistent customer conversions training.

So that you know for sure you’ve got everything set up the right way for maximum sales and business growth.

Next Up

Leveraged Traffic Growth…
(Value $197)

This is the final piece of the puzzle of the entire Ultimate Traffic Machine.

This leveraged traffic growth training lets us take our best winning ideas and distribute them almost automatically across all of the high authority social media channels so that we can bring in even more traffic from our highest converting ideas.

This doesn’t require much time at all and we’ll show you how to make all of this work without needing to get on camera or any of the traditional BS most people say you “Have to do” when you post on social media.

The Ultimate Traffic Machine that we’re showing you here today is how I was able to scale up as a completely unknown affiliate in one of the most competitive markets online without any previous experience or authority.

To do that I never got on camera, I never created any content for Youtube or Tiktok or Instagram or any of the traditional strategies you think of yet I was able to create consistent streams of high volumes of traffic to just a side project (and If you don’t believe me I’m going to prove it to you here now in just a minute)…

But do you want to know the best part…
The Best Part is?

Your Going To Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to set everything up for your Business From Start To Finish For Your 7 Figure Affiliate Business...
That’s right…

You won’t even have to think about figuring out how to do all this for your business - you’ll be able to use the exact customization process we use - over the shoulder, for everything to get ready to go…

All you have to do is pick the templates and systems you want that fits your business, watch the customizations and implement.

So that you know for sure...

You’ve got everything set up the right way...

And finally as a special bonus....
Passive Driven Profits
 Case Study: (Value: $Priceless)
We’re going to show you under the hood of a business I started in an entirely new industry that generates 20,000-50,000 views a month and brings me in leads traffic and sales every single day passively.

For just this one business that I built in my spare time out of my passions I am generating leads, buyers and sales day in day out for years ...

And I haven’t even touched this traffic source for this business in well over 2 years and it’s still growing this business without me doing anything.

Now it took me time, energy and effort to set up but once I got it up and running

It was like I had an automated traffic machine bringing me in with my ideal customers day in day out without me needing to do anything without paying a penny to do it.

This traffic source has brought in over 849,000 views for this side business

& uses the exact same 7 Figure Affiliate System you’ve already gotten your hands on to make money without any extra work.

And the only reason that it’s not getting me 5-10x more traffic then this is because I have been too focused on the 7 Figure Affiliate System and my customers here in my main business to give this side hustle the time attention and care that it needs in order to really scale to hundreds of thousands or even millions of views per month.

This traffic source regularly sends me 3000-5000 potential customers per week and I have not even had to manage it once in over 2 years at the time of writing this.

Imagine what that number would be like if I was devoting just a fraction of the time, energy and effort I am here at 7 Figure Affiliate HQ. 

I can guarantee you we’d be bringing in tens of thousands of EXTRA free views per month without any real work doing it.

I just set it up once and then let it run... 
Which Lead To 3000-5000 Views A Week
On Complete Autopilot...
3000-5000 views a week completely passively or 100-300 clicks a day to my very own ultimate traffic machine
Which All Ultimately Leads To This...
And This Was All Inside Of An Experimental Side Business I
Haven't Even Touched In Over 2 years 
So this is why I know this ultimate traffic machine is the key for scaling your 7 figure affiliate business in any niche you can think of.

Because I’ve scaled one in my spare time without touching it for almost 2 years.

And so this is the final piece you need in order to go from $500-$1,000 a day to $2,000 per day or more with the 7 Figure Affiliate System …
...Which Will Remove The Most Critical Step You
Need To Do When It Comes To Making Money Online (Get Traffic)
...And now you have two choices and a decision to make

...The first choice is to fully ignore everything I just said…

...Ignore that 95% of people we surveyed lost money and time when it came to getting free traffic .

...Ignore that we’re going to give you everything you need to scale up your traffic and choose to go at it alone and do it the hard way..

...The second choice is to realize that this is something you can’t find anywhere else at any price…

...Because no one is going to give you all of their in house assets like we are…
...And Decide To Say “Maybe” Once Again And Give The Ultimate Traffic Machine A Shot…
  • Get Our Bullet Proof Traffic Blueprint …
  • ​Get Our Fast Traffic Formula
  • ​Get Automatic Authority
  • ​Get Our Rapid Traffic Activation System
  • ​Get The Money Matrix Method
  • ​Get The Scalable Traffic Secrets
  • ​Get Consistent Customer Conversions
  • ​Get Leveraged Traffic Growth
  • ​Get Passive Driven Profits
Get Everything You Need To Grow Free Traffic Profitably
And Remove All Of The Work Required…
And instead, focus all of your time and energy where it matters the most - closing more commissions…

The choice is easy…

...The decision is not…

...And that’s why once again - you don’t have to say yes…
Because The Ultimate Traffic Machine Is The Only Way We Can Ensure You Get Every Benefit The 7 Figure Affiliate System Has To Offer
...Others are finding out about this, they’re downloading the book and using the Ultimate Traffic Machine to generate $10,000, $20,000 and even $50,000 a month…

...Building online businesses bigger than they ever dreamed of.

Now you see why it was so important that you watched the video until now.
...All You Have To Do Is Say Maybe…
Just say maybe for 30 days…

...Get everything, use it, create your campaigns and run them.

If you’re not happy for any reason, and I mean any reason what so ever…

...Just email at and ask for a refund and we’ll
refund every penny back to your credit card - no questions asked.

The price for the Ultimate Traffic Machine is only $97…

...And I can tell you that’s a whole lot less than what most people have lost running ads…

So make the right choice, say maybe for 30 days, download everything, skip the work and launch your free traffic machine using the Ultimate Traffic Machine.

Hit the upgrade button below and the Ultimate Traffic Machine is going to be waiting for you in the member’s area which is on the next page.

I’ll see you there.
In Fact, I’ll Even Double The Guarantee Right Now… You Can Keep The Ultimate Traffic Machine Free Of Charge If For Whatever Reason You Decide To Get a Refund 

How’s that for believing in this and believing in your ability to achieve success with this...

There’s a button below. 

That button is your key to guaranteed success. 

That button is your key to having the business you’ve always wanted. 

That’s your key to freedom....

That’s your key to a better life.

So Hit That Button Right Now And Your Account Will Automatically Be Upgraded To Include The
Ultimate Traffic Machine…

This Is A True One Time Offer There Is Absolutely
No Downsell
For This Product

The Hard Way To Scale Traffic

Go It Alone With No Traffic 

Figure Out Scaling Alone

You Must Work To Figure Out How To 
Get More Buyer Traffic

At 2 Hours Per Day 

124 Hours Of Your Time ... 


Making Money In 60 Days Means

  • Doing All of the Work Yourself
  • Testing out traffic scaling strategies
  • ​Making Mistakes
  • ​Painstaking Trial & Error
  • Waste time & money 
  • Investing Your Time Energy & Effort Alone​
  • ​​Struggle To Get Traffic 

The Easy Fast Way To Double Traffic

Double Your Commissions Fast

2x-5x More Sales Customers & Commissions

Use Our Ultimate Traffic Pack To Get 
100% Free Buyer Traffic Fast

Regular Price $5,000-$10,000

Yours Today For One Easy Payment Of


The Ultimate Traffic Machine Means You

  • Scale Your Traffic Faster
  • Get 100% Free Buyer Traffic
  • Copying Our Hidden Scaling Strategy
  • ​Getting The Exact Framework For Scaling Traffic
  • Having Everything All Figured Out 
  • No Trial And Error Or Research
  • ​Getting Done For You Proven Traffic System

The Easy Fast Way To Double Traffic

Double Your Commissions Fast

2x-5x More Sales Customers & Commissions

Use Our Ultimate Traffic Pack To Get
100% Free Buyer Traffic Fast

Regular Price $5,000-$10,000

Yours Today For Just One Easy Payment Of


The Ultimate Traffic Machine Means You

  • Scale Your Traffic Faster
  • ​Get 100% Free Buyer Traffic
  • Copying Our Hidden Scaling Strategy
  • ​Getting The Exact Framework For Scaling Traffic
  • Having Everything All Figured Out 
  • No Trial And Error Or Research
  • ​Getting Done For You Proven Traffic System

The Hard Way To Scale Traffic

Go It Alone With No Traffic 

Figure Our Scaling Alone

You Must Work To Figure Out How To
Get More Buyer Traffic

At 2 Hours Per Day 

124 Hours Of Your Time ... 


Making Money In 60 Days Means

  • Doing All of the Work Yourself
  • Testing out traffic scaling strategies yourself 
  • ​Making Mistakes
  • ​Painstaking Trial & Error
  • 1-2 Hours Of Research Per Day
  • Investing Your Time Energy & Effort Alone​
  • ​​No Guarantee Anything Will Work
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